Discover meditation or deepen your practice and understanding of the Buddhist philosophy

June 24 – July 24, 2019

Stop procrastinating & start meditating! Give yourself that little push to finally integrate this healthy habit in your life!

In our Learn to Meditate Classes, understand the benefits and basis of a qualified meditation practice. Then with our 30 min guided meditations offered daily, deepen your experience of meditation. Finally, completely transform your mind by understanding the power of the Buddhist approach to meditation in our Meditation & Buddhism Classes.

Learn to pacify your distractions and cultivate positive and kind states of mind. Create this inner space, inner refuge, which will then give you the necessary energy and attitude to face modern days’ challenges.

Offer yourself this incredible gift of inner peace, one day at a time!


Our qualified teachers will help you to find and maintain your inner motivation throughout this challenge. You will also find a lively community who will be pleased to help answer your questions.

@ Kadampa Meditation Centre Montreal
835 Laurier E, Montreal, Qc

From June 24 – July 24, for only [$60], you have access to:

– “Intro to meditation” classes *NEW*
– “Meditation & Buddhism” classes
– “Lamrim Meditation” classes (in French)
– Lunchtime and evening guided meditations
– FREE Meditation Workshop Retreat*** (July 6)(PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED)
– 25% discount on weekend workshop: Loving Others Sincerely (July 20)** (PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

**given in French
***given in French, It is necessary to pre-register for the July 6th retreat in order to have access to the lunch. You can drop-in on the day of, however, in this case, the lunch will NOT be included.***

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Register onsite when you arrive. You can fill the form in advance and bring it with you or register online.


We are a not-for-profit charity. All financial contributions go to support the activities of KMCM and any surplus goes to support the activities of the International Temples Project (ITP), an international fund dedicated to public benefit.