Our shop is still open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Tesday to Friday. We will be providing our activities in person, by live stream, or both! In either case, prior registration is required. See the full schedule of upcoming classes.


In-person Activities Information

In-person participants must read the following information carefully on how the meditations will be carried out, given the unusual context:

  1. Online sign-up and payment are required in advance. Ideally no cash payments on site.
  2. The doors will only open 15 minutes before the meditation.
  3. Wearing a face covering is mandatory in the Centre at all times.
  4. Take off your shoes at the entrance and bring them with you. Place them on the little rug beside or in front of your chair to avoid debris on the floor. Before leaving the meditation room put your shoes back on, wiping them carefully on the rug before leaving.
  5. Only bring what you need. Keep your personal effects with you, ensuring that your phone is off.
  6. No equipment is to be borrowed on site. This includes the meditation cushions and blankets. Only chairs will be available. Note that the carpet has been removed from the meditation room.
  7. Keep the same seat for the duration of the class (do not change seats).
  8. When you arrive, disinfect your hands using the hand sanitizer provided.
  9. Proceed directly to the meditation room to find a seat. The tea area is no longer available.
  10. You can use the washroom located in the meditation room before and after the meditation.



Thank you for your understanding with these new requirements that will make it possible for in-person meditations to resume while ensuring the well-being of all.