Until further notice, we will offer our courses by teleconference. Regular weekday classes online are only offered to people from Montreal and the regions served by KMC Montreal (the branches). Weekend workshops and retreats are open to anyone who would have been able to attend. Prayer sessions are open to everyone.

Not from the region? Find a Kadampa centre near you.

Details and updates regarding the closure.

Getting Started

You do not need have to have a Zoom account to attend a live stream. You do need to download the software, either on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android Device. You will be prompted to download the software when you click on the link that you have been provided.

If you want to download the software ahead of the session, use these links:

For PC/Mac: https://zoom.us/download
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id546505307
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings

Book a place on the live-stream

First, book your place on a live-stream class.

Upon confirmation you will receive three emails:

  1. Confirmation email from KMC Montreal with your class’ choice
  2. Confirmation of payment, if applicable (email from Paypal)
  3. Live Stream Confirmation – this is the important email which contains instructions for the Live-Stream and also your individual link for accessing the session using Zoom.

Joining the live-stream by link

To join the live-stream, click the link that you received in the confirmation email after you registered.


Manually joining a live-stream

  1. Locate the 9-digit meeting ID/webinar ID from your registration email. It may appear at the end of the phone dial-in information, or it will be in the join link, just after https://zoom.us/w/
    Join the meeting using the Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App.
  2. Click or tap Join a Meeting.
  3. Enter the 9-digit webinar ID, and click Join or tap Join Meeting.
  4. If prompted, enter your name and email address, then click Join Webinar or tap Join.

Waiting for the host to start the Live-Stream

If the host hasn’t started broadcasting the webinar or is preparing using a practice session, you’ll receive the following message: