Until further notice, we will offer our courses by teleconference. Regular weekday classes online are only offered to people from Montreal and the regions served by KMC Montreal (the branches). Weekend workshops and retreats are open to anyone who would have been able to attend. Prayer sessions are open to everyone.

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Discover meditation or deepen your practice and understanding of the Buddhist philosophy

Thursdays • 7:30 – 9pm with Marco Lisi or Marie-Claude Martel

*Note that due to COVID-19 the class for May and June, will be live streamed. Register at least one hour before the class begins and log in at least 30 min. before. This will help us to manage registration and any technical problems. The instructions will be sent to you by email at the address you registered with.

Meditation is now scientifically recognized as one of the best methods to reduce stress and to develop inner well-being. In reality, meditation offers much more than that. These series of classes help us not only to deepen our meditation practice but also to nourish it through contemplating profound buddhist teachings, which offer us concrete solutions to our inner problems of anger, stress, impatience, attachment and jealousy. Through improving our understanding of our mind: what in our mind makes us feel happy, sad, tense or confused, we will begin a profound spiritual transformation and become the person we wish to be.

A class includes:
  • Guided meditations
  • A talk on a practical topic to nourish and deepen our experiences in meditation.

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Happiness, Actions and the Law of Karma
“Happiness”. A word that carries a lot of different meanings and that can sometimes feel unaccessible or even utopic. Is it a destination? Is it a path? Through contemplating the teachings of Buddha on karma, we can find clear explanations of exactly what is happiness. We will discover that this law of cause and effect, rather than being a drastic or fatalistic philosophy, is the key that gives us the power to create our own happiness.

May 21 • Why Me? It’s so Unfair!
May 28 • Craving, Attachment and Karma
June 4 • NO CLASS

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Marie-Claude Martel is the administrative director of KMC Montreal and a student of the Special Teacher Training Program (STTP) offered in England. She teaches branch classes in St-Hyacinthe and occasional classes and workshops at KCM Montreal as well. She is greatly appreciated for her warm, inspiring teachings that stem from a clear understanding and deep personal experience of the Kadampa way of life.




Marco Lisi teaches the Thursday evening class (in English). He has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for several years and is a student on the Special Teacher Training Program (STTP). He shares his experience of the teachings with clarity and warmth and is a dedicated member of the spiritual community. Marco also teaches occasional classes in French at KMCM.




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12$/ class • 40$/ 4 classes (Free for members)

We are a not-for-profit charity. All financial contributions go to support the activities of KMCM and any surplus goes to support the activities of the International Temples Project (ITP), an international fund dedicated to public benefit.