Until further notice, we will offer our courses by teleconference. Regular weekday classes online are only offered to people from Montreal and the regions served by KMC Montreal (the branches). Weekend workshops and retreats are open to anyone who would have been able to attend. Prayer sessions are open to everyone.

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2:30 – 3:30pm • 7 to 12 years old

Make your child or pre-teen experience inner peace. When our mind is peaceful we are happy and this contributes to the happiness of those around us… mom and dad included. Everyone is welcome, buddhist or not.

The class includes short meditations, an explanation of specific aspects of buddhist meditations and a craft project to enhance the understanding of the topic covered. The class is adapted to be suitable for each child and their level of understanding.Please note that a parent must accompany the child.

New classes “Buddhism for Kids” and “Meditation for Teens” have been added to our calendar. Both of these classes are currently only offered in French. Sign-up for our newsletter to learn about these.


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Fall 2019 Classes:

September 22
Meditation & Well-Being • With Line Sauriol
What is meditation? Why meditate? Can kids learn to meditate too? In this first class, come to discover or rediscover the numerous benefits of meditating regularly.

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October 20
How to Control Fears? • With Joanne Laramée
What are we afraid of? Why are we anxious sometimes? Be it from small or big insects, or about making a presentation in front of classmates or the fear to lose a loved one, all fears can be controlled if we stop a few moments to try to understand them and observe them.

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November 24
Agitation & concentration • With Mireille Gaudette
Everyone can develop their concentration. Of course, it takes effort and training! Meditation is the perfect tool to help us. Join us this week for a workout for the mind, let the training begin!

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5$ per child (payable at the door)

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Centre de méditation kadampa de Montréal
835 Laurier E, Montréal, Qc