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Meditation & Buddhism

Discover meditation or deepen your practice and understanding of the buddhist philosophy

Thursdays • 7:30 – 8:45pm with Marco Lisi

Meditation is now scientifically recognized as one of the best methods to reduce stress and to develop inner well-being. In reality, meditation offers much more than that. These series of classes help us not only to deepen our meditation practice but also to nourish it through contemplating profound buddhist teachings, which offer us concrete solutions to our inner problems of anger, stress, impatience, attachment and jealousy. Through improving our understanding of our mind: what in our mind makes us feel happy, sad, tense or confused, we will begin a profound spiritual transformation and become the person we wish to be.

A class includes:
  • Guided meditations
  • A talk on a practical topic to nourish and deepen our experiences in meditation.

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Developing Our Resilience
We all wish to improve our well-being despite challenges life throws at us but it seems like we sometimes lack creativity or tools to be able to see difficulties as favorable in our path. Take advantage of this unique series, based on the special instructions on training the mind, or Lojong in Tibetain, to develop special ways of seeing what happens to us and transform life’s difficulties in opportunities for spiritual growth and thereby become truly resilient!

Feb 15 • Our Difficulties and Setbacks: How to Bounce Back
Feb 22 • Undisturbed in the Face of Criticism
Mar 01 • Act, Not React
Mar 08 • Inequalities: What to Do?

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Leading a Successful Life
Everyone wants to be successful; but what is success? Is it something arbitrary or is there a clear and precise meaning? Only by clearly knowing what it is can we find its true causes and create it. Come and explore success and its true causes, and learn practical ways to create it personally, and become a role model for those around you.

Mar 15 • The causes of success
Mar 22 • Stepping out of your comfort zone
Mar 29 • Taking responsibility for your success
Apr 05 • NO CLASS – Spring Break
Apr 12 • Becoming a role model

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Reaching Your Peak Performance
In order to lead a successful life, it helps to build and increase your ability to reach your peak performance. Learn what is holding you back, and explore practical methods to remove the obstacles preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Apr 19 • The gap to potential
Apr 26 • Stop procrastinating
May 03 • Stay Motivated, Stay Inspired
May 10 • Getting in the flow

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No Distractions 30 day challenge

Learn and develop the underlying individual skills to reaching your peak performance by removing distractions through this 30 day challenge. This series will not only teach you about these important underlying skills, but will help you familiarize yourself with simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into your busy daily life. Come and try it out!

May 17 • Mindfulness and alertness
May 24 • Effort
May 31 • Concentration
Jun 07 • Conscientiousness

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How to relax and unwind

Feel the need for a vacation? Stop feeling overtired after a challenging day, month, year, or any other length of time. Come learn practical and effective ways to relax and unwind, whether at home or on vacation, and be ready to tackle the next challenge in your life.

Jun 14 • The power of relaxation
Jun 21 • The peacefulness of our mind

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Marco Lisi teaches the Thursday evening class (in English). He has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for several years and is a student on the Special Teacher Training Program (STTP). He shares his experience of the teachings with clarity and warmth and is a dedicated member of the spiritual community. Marco also teaches occasional classes in French at KMCM.

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Centre de méditation kadampa de Montréal
835 Laurier E, Montréal, Qc


12$/ class • 40$/ 4 classes (Free for members)

We are a not-for-profit charity. All financial contributions go to support the activities of KMCM and any surplus goes to support the activities of the International Temples Project (ITP), an international fund dedicated to public benefit.

Learn to Meditate

The “Learn to Meditate” classes are suspended for winter 2018.

Stay tuned or contact us if you are interested in those classes 514.521.2529




To learn to meditate, relax or deepen your meditation practice.
*Please check our calendar for specific dates as on occasion, certain meditations might not take place.

30 minute guided meditation
Mon – Tues – Wed – Fri (all in French) • 12:15 – 12:45
Thursday (in English) • 12:15 – 12:45pm
Sunday (in French) • 1-1:30pm

30 minute guided meditation
Mon, Wed & Fri (in French) • 5:45 – 6:15pm

PLEASE NOTE: In order for everyone to enjoy their quiet time, the doors are locked once the meditation starts. It is not possible to join in once the meditation has started so please ensure to give yourself sufficient time for travel.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Montreal
835 Laurier E, Montréal, Qc

3$ / meditation – 10$ / 5 meditations (Free for members)

We are a not-for-profit charity. All financial contributions go to support the activities of KMCM and any surplus goes to support the activities of the International Temples Project (ITP), an international fund dedicated to public benefit.