What is an empowerment?

An empowerment is a traditional buddhist ceremony in which we receive the blessings, or powerful energy, of a particular Buddha. Each Buddha has a specific function which we learn about in this ceremony. The presider explains the nature and history of the Buddha and describes how that Buddha helps all living beings.

We are guided through various meditations and visualizations during the ceremony as well as in subsequent sessions to help us gain familiarity with the practice associated with this Buddha.

What are the benefits of such a ceremony?

An empowerment is a unique and powerful experience. We are all encouraged to develop our good heart and our wish to improve ourself as individuals so we can benefit others. In this way, a vast amount of individual and collective vertue is created.

Who can attend an empowerment?

Everyone is welcome to attend an empowerment regardless of previous experience.

Why is this ceremony called an empowerment?

During the ceremony, we receive the empowering blessings or inspiring energy of the body, speech and mind of a Buddha. This ceremony gives us permission to visualise that Buddha as well as generate ourself in the aspect of this Buddha. We also receive the oral transmission of his mantra and the authorization to recite it. These methods are specific to the tantric buddhist practice. No commitments are linked to this practice.